Debora was born in West Berlin, Germany in 1957. After finishing school, she studied music at the Berlin "Hochschule der Künste". For many years she taught singing and piano and gave many performances  in Germany, Israel, Hungary and France with a repertoire ranging from Bach to Berg.

After the birth of her daughter Arnina in 1988 she concentrated more in the field of art. The first solo exhibition of her “Graphical Artwork” was held in 1992.
She became a member of the group "Künstlergruppe Steglitz", where her teachers, Bernd Beck and Ebrahim Ehrari were already members. They held a joint exhibition at the "Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung" in Berlin.

She finally found her new expression and style with beautiful and colourful naive paintings, in which very often nude women pose, dance and jump.

In 2011 she became a member of the group of "Naive Artists" in Israel:
Debora has taught both children and adults in her studio "Kreativer Bypass" and has participated in many projects for charity including WIZO.

Nowadays she travels between Berlin and Tel-Aviv where, when not occupied with dancing the Argentinian Tango, she works in her studio.

One can find echoes of her music in her works of art. She works mainly on  the principle of  improvisation, using the spectrum of fine art to produce works which resonate with sound while being full of intense light and colour. Debora works on canvas, paper and wood.

In her poyptichons Debora Gutman is combining figurative and abstract images with unencumbered ease. Her artworks depict scenes of human experience, animals and objects, that while fragmental and seemingly unconnected, the imagery creates a cohesive mosaic, that stimulate all kinds of fantasies, inviting viewers to imagine their own stories.
Gutman uses wood as the basic material, combined with a very bright, colorful and shining palette, her paintings have a mediterranean athmospere, that invites you to relax, to allow your soul to take flight in her colorful and rich imagery and unique sense of humour.

Solo Exhibitions

1992 Volksbank Berlin
1992 Galerie Jevenstedt Rendsburg
Bayerische Handelsbank Berlin
1993 Galerie im Rapallo, Berlin
1994 Stadttheater Meißen
1995 HypoBank, Berlin
1996 Galerie im Restaurant am Fasanenplatz, Berlin
1998 Rosenthal Licht-Galerie, Berlin
2000 Kreative Ader, Berlin
2001 Language Specialists International, Berlin,
Kreative Ader, Berlin
2002 Borchert Küchenstudio, Berlin
2003 Kreativer Bypass, Berlin
2010 Quasimodo, Berlin
2011 Shorashim Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Group Exhibitions

1993 Polizeischule Berlin-Biesdorf
1994 Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung Berlin
1995 Freie Berliner Kunstausstellung Berlin,
1995 Berliner Uhren-und Schmuck-Fabrik, Berlin
2003 Kirche am Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin
2004 Art Galerie Richter, Berlin
2009 Kudammtango, Berlin
2010 Kudammtango, Berlin,
2010 Galerie Patrice Vuillard, Hilton Hotel, Berlin
2011 Tangonale, ufaFabrik Berlin,
2012 HanseArt, Bremen
2012 Marziart, Hamburg
2012 AAF Tel-Aviv, Israel
2012 Gina Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel
2012 Festival d'Art Naif, Kattowitz, Poland
2012 Kondas Centre of Naive Art, Viljandi, Estonia
2012 Boehner Gallery, Berliner Liste, Berlin
2013 Art Circle Oy, Ruka, Finland
2013 Rendez-vous des Naifs, Verneuil sur Havre, France
2013 Nurol Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2013 Nurol Art Gallery, Bodrum, Turkey
2013 Rendez-Vous des Naifs, Verneuil s/ Avre, France
2013 Mandria di Chivasso, Italy
2013 Biennale d'Art Naiv, Brüssel, Belgien
2013 Varenna, Italy
2013 2ème Biennale "Rencontre d'Art Naiv", Ottmarsheim
2013 Galerie La Spirale, Lièges, Belgium
2013 "Art Market"-Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 Gallery Gordon 36, Tel Aviv, Israel
2014 BCM Art Gallery, Barcelona, Spain
2014 "International d'Art Naif", Landskrona, Sueden
2014 Chateau de Waroux, Liège, Belgium
2014 "Arte sin Fronteras", Barcelona
2015 Musée d’art Spontanée, Brussels, Belgium
2015 5° Salon européen d’art naif et d’art singulier, Marmande, France
2015 BCM Galerie, Barcelona, Spane
2015 4. Biennale Naive Kunst, Macon, France
2015 23. Rassegna internationale di arte naive, Mandria di Chivasso, Italy
2015 Biennale d’Art Naif, Brüssel, France
2015 Gina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2015 Festival Naive Kunst, Kattowitz, Poland
2015 Salon Comparaison, Paris, France
2016 Galerie Eboli, Madrid, Spain
2016 Beffroi de Bruges, Bruges, Belgium
2016 Chateau de Waroux, Lieges, Belgium
2016 Museo Civico Rocca Flea, Gualdo Tadino, Italy
2016 Mandria di Chivasso, Italy
2016 International Festival of Naive Art, Varenna, Italy
2016 48h Neukölln, Berlin
2016 Gina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2016 Imaginaives, Museum MIANM, Magog, Kanada
2016 3TageKunst, Kommunale Galerie, Berlin
2016 Muestra Internacional de Arte Naif, Malage, Spain
2017 Merkaz Amiad, Jaffo - Tel Aviv, Israel
2017 Galleri Naif, Kopenhagen, Denmark
2018 Naivisterne, Mia Cara Galerie, Kopenhagen, Denmark
2018 Gina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2018 Museum of visual arts, Heraklion, Greece
2018 Marc Chagall Künstlerhaus, Haifa, Israel
2018 BCM Galerie, Barcelona, Spain

Group member of:
Künstlergruppe Steglitz
Naive Artists of Israel
Montmartrois de Berlin